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help with coloring [01 Jul 2011|10:16am]

I have dark brown hair that I've been coloring with Igora Royal for the last few years, mostly to cover the gray. I'd like to dye the bottom three inches either blue or purple, but I've never bleached my hair or put a rainbow color on it before. I'd like to go to a salon and have someone do it for me, so I'm wondering if anyone knows of a good salon/good hairdresser in Los Angeles who knows about bleaching and punk colored dye jobs. Thanks in advance for any help.

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Help please!!! [17 May 2011|05:57pm]

 I wanted my hair peacock blue, but don't wanted to bleach it. Or not a lot, it's really damaged.

I love this color, and supose she didn't bleach her hair, what do you think about?

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Hair .. [31 Mar 2011|03:30pm]

Does my hair look like just a bad dye job?:

Or does it look funky? I just wanted a little funkiness while I was waiting for my short hair to grow out.
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n00b question [18 Mar 2011|09:05pm]

[ mood | curious ]

So, I've dyed my hair once in my life. Originally it was supposed to keep my red and use blond highlights, but then it ended up more like dyed blond and used my red as highlights. I got my hair cut at the same time and now that it's growing out it's like red top with more blond down the sides in a way that's kinda starting to annoy me.

Soooooo, long story cut short, if I go to a hairdresser and ask her to dye my hair the natural red that it is, is that something he/she should be able to do easily? I mean, so when it keeps growing it won't be all to noticeable the difference between the two? (I seem to remember having heard people say they wanted to dye their hair like my natural color but not quite being able to get it right, so I'm not sure if it's one of those things that are hard to do in general or if it's just when dying a darker or lighter color to the red)
Sorry if this is one of those "durrrr" questions, but I figured I'd ask instead of going and perhaps having another dye mishap :P 

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Help please!! [11 Mar 2011|12:26pm]

[ mood | curious ]

  Have you tried Pinkissimo and Sky blue Crazy Color Hair Dye? My natural hair is light brown, but the ends are darker. Should I bleach it? Thank you!!!!!!

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[05 Jun 2010|08:07pm]

Try a different hair dye

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Intro (short, i swear!!) [11 Feb 2010|11:20am]

Hey all! 

Ok, so im terrible at intro's, so i will keep this short and painless. Im 27. British. Living in Nebraska with my hubby. No kids, one cat. 

I've had more hair colours than i've had hot dinners, from bleaching my hair white (dont do it if you're naturally pale and interesting like me, someone with less tact than sense will tell you that you look like a corpse!) to dyeing it black (kinda looked like i'd melted an LP on my head lol) and every (natural) colour in between. The most "daring" thing i did was when i was like 15 and i dyed 2 small sections at the front of my head purple and left the back blonde (and it took 3 months to convince my mum to let me do that!!).

So, here's where i am at. My 28th birthday is rapidly approaching, and while dyeing my hair various shades of copper, blonde and brown is fun, i want to have an unnatural colour. I want the blues, the purples, the pinks. BUT, am i too old? I dont want to look like im chasing some forgotten youth or something. 

Either way, i have to wait until March 6th, as my bestest friend EVER is getting married on the 5th and im her maid of honour. 

Under the cut is what i look like... warning though, im not the best looking person ever and im kinda chubby :( my hair is currently dyed mid-brown, but my natural colour is kinda a dirty blonde. I guess i just want to know, do i have the looks for it? Could i carry off having bright-coloured hair? And, of course, am i too old lol...

Follow the yellow brick roadCollapse )
Follow the yellow brick roadCollapse )So, there you go... any feedback would be lovely, thank you in advance :)

Gem xx
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[10 Jan 2010|11:52pm]

I was wondering if anyone could help me. I want to achieve a certain color but I'm not sure how to get the color I want.
Pics of what I want and my thoughtsCollapse )
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The hair dye saga [Lots of pictures] [06 Dec 2009|09:51pm]

[ mood | indifferent ]

My hair dye saga!

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Current pictures and timeline of my mohawk over the last years!! [15 Jul 2009|01:45pm]


Click to see all pictures !! (warning: picture heavy)
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Metallic Salts/Manic Panic Like Colors that aren't temporary [04 Mar 2009|01:04pm]


I was reading some posts about hair dye questions and since I'm a licensed hair stylist thought i'd help!

Yes - Ferria does contain metallic salts which makes it VERY hard to get rid of! I suggest getting a malibu treatment (you can buy malibu packets at sallys - leave it on for at least 45 minutes) then color over it (you can only go darker - either your natural or darker).

For manic panic like colors that are more permanent I like Special Effects (online or some hot topics), Paul Mitchell (online) it's called Ink Works and is my favorite! I use it on my hair. Or color zone (sallys) or Rusk (online).

Hope this helps!!

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Color Oops and Feria? [01 Mar 2009|01:20pm]

I am new here and need help!!!

I dyed my hair with Feria Starry night and it turned blue and I want to remove it. People say that "Color OOps" really works but I am afraid to use it since I hear that all Feria hair colors contain metallic dye.

Is it true that they contain metallic dyes?

Has anyone used color oops to remove feria dye from their hair?

I have very long hair down to the middle of my back and do not want to have it break off. I cannot afford a salon so please do not suggest it!
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Kinda new to dying hair [29 Oct 2008|12:05pm]

I intend to go every color xDCollapse )
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[27 Oct 2008|02:26am]

Hi! Here's me with Fishbowl Blue by Special Effects! :-)

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[23 Mar 2008|04:23pm]

I just recently got my hair dyed dark brown from a highlighted blonde color. The one and only thing I asked for was not to have a red tone in my hair, but it seems thats what Ive ended up with. She used an orange-ish substance on my hair to fill in the highlights, and then applied the dye.
Going back there is not an option, and I was wondering since it is an all-over color, can I buy a neutral brown/dark brown box color and go over the salon color? [my sister would be doing it as she has done it for many others with good results before]
And lets just say I did go back there, Ive never done this before, so would she make me pay for another coloring as it was not what I asked for?
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[19 Feb 2008|06:03pm]
what would i tell my colorist to get my hair looking like this...
i need specifics. base color, highlights, lowlights, etc etc

my hair is dark brown almost black naturally. i want it to be somewhat reddish

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Help! [31 Jan 2008|01:21am]

Hey, dudes.

So, I have an interview for a Japanese ESL school next Friday. I'll have to look very conservative and professional for the process, and that includes my hair colour.

Currently, my hair has been bleached to a light yellow and coloured with Manic Panic's "Red Passion" colour, which is a strong red-magenta. Here are my questions:

1. What colour, if any, can I put over this that will look normal and is not straight black?
2. Will this new colour wash out, or is my bleach job totally lost?
3. If necessary, as a total last-ditch resort, what permanent dyes can I put over the bleach that won't fry my hair?

Anything you guys can come up with is welcome. Thanks!
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Advice?? [11 Jan 2008|12:35am]


So I'm thinking of dyeing my hair blonde for September when I leave school.

( ... )

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Question [04 Oct 2007|05:20pm]

I want to bleach my hair in order to dye it fun colors. I've never done this before- I used to have blond hair, which lent itself to pinks and reds pretty well without bleaching.

However, my hair is currently a dark red-purple that I like. I'd prefer being able to have this color again in the future.

My question is, if I bleach my hair, will I be able to dye it dark with permanent dye again?

(If it helps at all, my hair is chin-length, of average thickness, and fine.)

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new color? [03 Oct 2007|03:01am]

[ mood | curious ]

hello. my hair has been dyed black for over 2 years now and i'm getting kind of sick of it even though i think it's the most flattering hair color i've had so far. i'd like to add another color to it. perhaps a reddish brown or a burgundy? i would consider a color not found in nature but i don't want to look like a mall goth. what color do you think i should do? my other problem is color placement because my hair is naturally curly but sometimes i also straighten it. i need something that will look good both ways. any suggestions?

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