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n00b question

So, I've dyed my hair once in my life. Originally it was supposed to keep my red and use blond highlights, but then it ended up more like dyed blond and used my red as highlights. I got my hair cut at the same time and now that it's growing out it's like red top with more blond down the sides in a way that's kinda starting to annoy me.

Soooooo, long story cut short, if I go to a hairdresser and ask her to dye my hair the natural red that it is, is that something he/she should be able to do easily? I mean, so when it keeps growing it won't be all to noticeable the difference between the two? (I seem to remember having heard people say they wanted to dye their hair like my natural color but not quite being able to get it right, so I'm not sure if it's one of those things that are hard to do in general or if it's just when dying a darker or lighter color to the red)
Sorry if this is one of those "durrrr" questions, but I figured I'd ask instead of going and perhaps having another dye mishap :P 
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