Gemma (es_skysurfer) wrote in hair_dye,

Intro (short, i swear!!)

Hey all! 

Ok, so im terrible at intro's, so i will keep this short and painless. Im 27. British. Living in Nebraska with my hubby. No kids, one cat. 

I've had more hair colours than i've had hot dinners, from bleaching my hair white (dont do it if you're naturally pale and interesting like me, someone with less tact than sense will tell you that you look like a corpse!) to dyeing it black (kinda looked like i'd melted an LP on my head lol) and every (natural) colour in between. The most "daring" thing i did was when i was like 15 and i dyed 2 small sections at the front of my head purple and left the back blonde (and it took 3 months to convince my mum to let me do that!!).

So, here's where i am at. My 28th birthday is rapidly approaching, and while dyeing my hair various shades of copper, blonde and brown is fun, i want to have an unnatural colour. I want the blues, the purples, the pinks. BUT, am i too old? I dont want to look like im chasing some forgotten youth or something. 

Either way, i have to wait until March 6th, as my bestest friend EVER is getting married on the 5th and im her maid of honour. 

Under the cut is what i look like... warning though, im not the best looking person ever and im kinda chubby :( my hair is currently dyed mid-brown, but my natural colour is kinda a dirty blonde. I guess i just want to know, do i have the looks for it? Could i carry off having bright-coloured hair? And, of course, am i too old lol...


So, there you go... any feedback would be lovely, thank you in advance :)

Gem xx
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