ANNA ANNA GLAMOROUS ANNA! You're so bodacious! (amadruadaboleyn) wrote in hair_dye,
ANNA ANNA GLAMOROUS ANNA! You're so bodacious!


Hey, dudes.

So, I have an interview for a Japanese ESL school next Friday. I'll have to look very conservative and professional for the process, and that includes my hair colour.

Currently, my hair has been bleached to a light yellow and coloured with Manic Panic's "Red Passion" colour, which is a strong red-magenta. Here are my questions:

1. What colour, if any, can I put over this that will look normal and is not straight black?
2. Will this new colour wash out, or is my bleach job totally lost?
3. If necessary, as a total last-ditch resort, what permanent dyes can I put over the bleach that won't fry my hair?

Anything you guys can come up with is welcome. Thanks!
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